Is The Story of Jesus’ Resurrection True? You Decide

Mark’s gospel is the earliest account of Jesus’ life, and includes details left out in others' accounts. However, it comes to an abrupt end.  Two days after Jesus was crucified, three women went to the tomb to attend to his body.  When they arrived, they saw the stone rolled away from the entrance and a … Continue reading Is The Story of Jesus’ Resurrection True? You Decide

I Didn’t Kill Jesus

In recent years, this would have been a big week for me.  Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday.  For a few years, the town’s musicians, especially the high school students would do a Dixieland Jazz style concert on Saturday at our church.  And then there was Easter Sunday with a Sunrise Service, breakfast, Egg … Continue reading I Didn’t Kill Jesus

Science and Religion

As a minister, who has been formally trained in theology and biblical texts, I've been sucked into the conflict between these two disciplines innumerable times and I'm sick of it.   Anyone who insists that we should get our science from the Bible doesn't really understand the Bible, much less science. Anyone who discounts the … Continue reading Science and Religion