What I Do

Life Coach: Helping people find their way. 

I remain dedicated to healing and helping people.  Need to make a change? Need to talk to someone who won’t judge? I listen, encourage, and advise.  Call or write me (See my contact info below). 


Celebrant: Making powerful moments beautiful

I officiate weddings, funerals, baby namings, and other significant life events. 



With humor, poignancy, and that extra zing, I tell real life stories of about being a minister, growing up in West Texas, and teaching 


Contact Info:

David Mercer



9924 Universal Blvd., Ste 224, MB 108, Orlando, Florida 32819


2 thoughts on “What I Do

  1. David,
    Truly you are My Answer to my prayers .Everyone always says to forgive .I don’t believe that I have been So hurt at times devasted .I can’t forgive mean unkind evil people who.dont care about How you feel but only hurt you and break you down for there own benefit beyond jealously These people are so very insecure that want to kill your spirit. They will try to break you beyond repair No I don’t forgive .Especially the Narcissist Behavior Who make you feel its all you when you realize it’s not you. Anger in a constructive way not forgiven! You need to grieve the damage that has been done only then you can start to let go of your anger .Finding you today makes me feel that I’m not alone.
    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Debbie, permit me to say how proud I am of you for standing up for yourself. Our wounds can throw us into a painful hole that takes a long time to climb from. I predict you are on your way out.


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