About Me: I’m a Secular Pastor

I’m a lover of humanity. I admit that I like some humans more than others.  And I outright dislike some people, but because I love humanity I still believe in their capacity for goodness. I love others things, too: the mountains, the beach, and trees. I love music, art, and motorcycling. Oh, and I love books, movies, and ice cream. 

I’ve done different kinds of work: I flipped hamburgers; I was a college professor; I drove an ambulance; I cleaned college dorms. However, mostly I was an ordained minister for thirty-five years. As a minister, I found that I loved helping people grow and heal. I outgrew the religion but I still enjoy helping others so now I call myself a Secular Pastor and I still preside over weddings, funerals, the naming of babies, and other significant life events. I’m also a storyteller, writer, and teacher.

Christianity assumes that humanity is depraved but I believe humanity has a great capacity for goodness and growth. Sure, people do evil things, but they also do noble things, so I encourage them to move toward goodness and healing.


I lived most of my life on the plains of Texas and Oklahoma where I worked as a minister. But my life took several turns and I now live in Orlando, Florida

When I began writing Deep Calls, it was like a letter to the people of my past, expressing my thoughts, feelings, and changing beliefs. But now, I also write to point out where things need to change in our culture.

I have another blog called Quick Drawl, which I invite you to visit.  You can reach me at damercer1961@gmail.com.