About Me


I’m a lover of humanity. I especially love Sylvia, my wife.  I also have that fierce paternal love for my two sons, Jonathan and Joshua. Additionally, I love the mountains, the beach, and trees.  I love music, art, and motorcycling. Oh, and I love books and movies. And ice cream.  

I lived most of my life on the plains of Texas and Oklahoma where I worked as a minister.  But my life took several turns. 


Here are the high points: I lost my faith, my sons grew up, I got a divorce, quit my job, moved to Florida, and then got married again.

Yeah, it’s a lot. I bet you can relate.

Deep Calls is about my thoughts, feelings, and changing beliefs.  Sometimes it’s like a letter to the people of my past where I explain how I ended up here.  

I currently work as a substitute teacher all over Orange County, Florida. I’m also a writer, a storyteller, and a life coach.