If I Had Stayed Then, I Would Have to Leave Now

I used to be as conservative as they came.  I thought of the LGBT as people living a sinful lifestyle. But while I was with the UMC, I read, thought, and grew up.  Consequently, I changed my mind and I came to see them as persons deserving every human right and courtesy. I believed the church as a whole would one day come to this conclusion, too. 

What It’s About

I wrote this two years ago before I gave up my work as a United Methodist minister. In view the the General Conference meeting next month, I decided to reprint it. I did not leave over the issues regarding inclusion of the LGBTQ. Rather, I left because my thoughts evolved to the level of atheism and so I could not stay. Although I no longer believe in God, I still believe in the people of the UMC. I know they are capable of doing what is right. Please, my friends, do what it is right and good.

Deep Calls

This is what I’m thinking before the General Conference of the United Methodist Church:

It’s about right and wrong. It’s about good and evil. 

It’s not about the decline of the church nor its financial welfare. 

If we must choose between goodness and the preservation of an institution, even if it’s the church, then choose goodness.

When all the anger, shouting, abuse, scripture hurling, threatening, fear mongering, hateful confusion is swept aside, I want it to be clear that I said this:

Anything less than love, respect, dignity, and full recognition of rights for the LGBTQ community is wrong.   

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