I Whisper

I cannot speak too loudly.
I’m too weak and tired, too sick to raise my voice.
I’m ashamed that I still need you so.
Will you leave me if I make you angry?
Would you hurt me if you heard me?
Yet I also whisper because I have nothing more to prove.
Hear me or not. Believe me or not.
I will not beg you to listen anymore.
I am afraid, tired and lonely
But I continue to speak.
I must.

If only in a whisper.

2 thoughts on “I Whisper

  1. David–I remember when I was at one of the very, very lowest days of my life with a scheduled speaking engagement at a college. I truly wondered if I even had the strength to drive there, much less speak. I arrived and discovered our Hospice's competition was also there. Rather than give them things to kill us with, that had taken me years to learn, I improvised a more generic speech. I stood there sagging, barely speaking above a whisper, and blew everybody away–best speech of my career. There really, really is extraordinary power in the still, small voice. You've always had that power, even when you didn't feel it. SO WHAT if it comes out in a whisper?


  2. Hi Mark. That has happened to me before, and I think to a lot of public speakers. I think it's called getting out of the way of yourself. Perhaps that's what is happening with me now.


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