Science and Religion

As a minister, who has been formally trained in theology and biblical texts, I’ve been sucked into the conflict between these two disciplines innumerable times and I’m sick of it.  

Anyone who insists that we should get our science from the Bible doesn’t really understand the Bible, much less science. Anyone who discounts the Bible because it does not measure up to scientific discovery also does not understand the Bible.

Science and theology are two different disciplines pursuing two different directions. There is no competition between the two although occasionally we might see some overlap in topics.

For hundreds of years, we’ve been pitting faith against science and it has been a colossal waste of time, distracting us from doing actual good. Could we please go fight some real battles like famine, human trafficking, loneliness, violence, sickness, poverty, and ignorance? 

We could use both disciplines to make things better. Want to be a scientist? Be a thorough, honest one and quit spending time fighting the theologians. Are you a Christian? Then for Christ’s sake, do Christ’s work and stop trying to bully science with your religion.

2 thoughts on “Science and Religion

  1. We must first as humans, understand that there will be things in our lifetime that we will never understand. Things used as “proof” to substantiate claims today were often not in the relm of knowledge 100 years agao and therefore have changed theories throughout the centuries, decades and even just years. I agree that science has nothing to do with religion and religion has nothing to do with science. But, in truth religion or the institution of it has honestly nothing to do with faith. God is God. Not the religion one chooses to get their teachings from. Btw since I can't figure out how to change my name on my google account, you know me as Dena Sanford. As I am not afraid to be wrong in my thoughts or ashamed of how I feel about certain subjects.


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