Extraordinary Company

Years ago, at my sister’s funeral, the speaker said that she came from a family where each member had spectacular abilities. I’ve thought a lot about that and I’ve come to realize it’s true. It’s true about my mom and dad, brother, and two sisters, as well as my nieces and nephew.   My own children, though they may not realize it, are on the way to recognizing their own extraordinariness. And finally, my wife is extraordinary. 

My childhood friends were and are extraordinary people with incredible intellect, varied talents, and wonderful achievements. Likewise, I’ve other friends from more recent years who are extraordinary. 

We make an interesting group. Performers, a pilot, artists, musicians, electricians, computer programmers, writers, accountants, ministers, atheists, business owners, teachers, homeless travelers, counselors, They march to the beat of a different drum, have values different than the rest of society, and are not always noticed.  They may not be considered a success by those around them, but they are.   

My association with them suggests that I have some standout qualities, too. I’ve been encouraged and complimented many times in my life but it has been hard to remember them. Oh, I sometimes brag a bit to be funny, and part of me believes it occasionally. But I’ve always doubted myself and these last few years, I’ve truly floundered wondering if I have ever had any significance. 

But if all these people in my life are amazing, then by association, I am too.  I can doubt myself, but it’s impossible for me to doubt them.

So since I stand in the arena surrounded by extraordinary witnesses who affirm me with their friendship, it’s time to acknowledge myself and be the extraordinary person that I am. 

3 thoughts on “Extraordinary Company

  1. You are extraordinary because of who you are, not what you achieve. All the accomplishments in the world would count for little if you were not a good, kind, thoughtful wonderful person.

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  2. You are great because of the good, kind, thoughtful, wonderful, loving person you are, not because of anything you achieve. Greatness comes by being, not doing. Doing requires ability, opportunity, health and circumstances often beyond our control. Being is who you are.

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