Charlottesville–What Do I Say?

Is it possible to be both shocked and unsurprised that neo-nazis can stand up in America to say murderous things about people?

I want to say to the white supremacists, “Yes, you have the right to say what you think and so do I. So I also want to say, “You should be ashamed. Shut the hell up!”

I want to say to the President, this is your moment! Speak up for truth and justice. Get on that twitter you love so much and let em have it. Stand up and direct your reckless, angry sentiments at the people who deserve it. Show us what it should really mean when you cry, “America first!”  

I preached to white southern American churches all my life, and I’m pretty sure what will be said this morning in many of them. Some will want to speak up for their statues and flags. Others will protest that they never were actually racist. Others will criticize minorities for being so angry. And only a handful will lament that racism is still so rampant after all these generations. Others will agree while trying to temper the mood.

And in dark corners of the church building people will swap racist jokes.  Tell me you aren’t one of those people and I’ll believe you, but it still happens.

I’d rather promote healing over shame.  Maybe we could talk about how we could help the people in Charlottesville. We could talk about acknowledging the suffering of minorities and how we could promote healing. We could discuss what to do to stem the hatred that has bubbled to the surface.

And to those who want to crack jokes—I want to say that’s your right but could you do it away from the place where others worship Jesus?

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