I Thought I Would Be Angry

Most people who leave the church are quite angry. I am not although I thought I would be.

Oh, some people deliberately tried to harm me and I could get pretty angry at them.  In some cases, I held a grudge for years. However, my anger faded quickly once I got away.  It helps tremendously to be in happier circumstances and under less pressure. I mean, what do I have to angry about now?

Not all people are so fortunate. When they left their churches they lost their families, homes, friends, and jobs.

I think some people get angry because they felt like they’ve been brainwashed. The anger equips them to fight back the mind control they experienced over the years.  It takes a lot of energy to resist, especially if you have bullies in your life who use religion to manipulate and bully. However, I overcame a lot of that while I was still working within churches.

The truth is that while some people did evil within the church, most of them wanted to do good. When they failed, it was because of weakness and fear, not malevolence.  When I think of them, I remember their wounds more than my own, which are healing.   And I remember with gratitude the lovely gifts and the unbelievable kindness they gave to me.

I may have left a religious culture behind but my heart still cares for the people.

2 thoughts on “I Thought I Would Be Angry

  1. I get it. Uberly. I didn’t so much intend to leave Christianity … but that I asked for truth at all cost, and I thus grew so that Christianity felt like a too-tight/too-constricting garment … that no longer fit me. So I shed it. Those who still identify with it seem to be threatened by it … and thus dismiss me as “never knowing Jesus” … or that I only want to “justify my sin.” There shall come the day wherein they, too, shall real-eyes that there never was such a thing as “sin” in the first place. 😉

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