Helping: It’s a Reflex

It’s a reflex and I’m not the only one that has it.

I was sitting in the crowded waiting room at the doctor’s office. I may have been ill but I don’t really remember why I was there. Whether or not I was sick, I was definitely tired.

When I heard the thud of someone falling, my head was bowed and my eyes were closed, but I had heard that sound before and I knew someone was down. 

I was out of my chair and moving in an instant and I was halfway across the room before I opened my eyes. It’s a wonder I didn’t stumble and fall myself.  I focused in on the man who had fallen.  Fortunately, he was okay and was already getting himself up so I went back to my seat. 

I like this about myself–that reflex to help which kicks in even when I’m down.

I have left behind many things: my career, friends, my faith. But I still have that reflex.  It comes from deep within my identity, molded by upbringing and training. I may or may not continue to have the professional title of minister but it’s a core part of my personality. It’s not just what I do. It’s what I am and what I’ll always be. 

Perhaps now that I am not so tired and sick, I can be even more effective at it. 

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