Conservatives, This is Your Fault!

Daniel Hodges was the DC cop who was crushed by the insurgents at the Capital last week.  I’m very glad to read that he is recovering and going to be okay. Other people died in this riot including a cop who was beaten.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget seeing this young man’s face and hearing his cries as those angry, plaid-wearing, redneck morons tried to wreck the Capitol. 

His cries ripped me to pieces, and as I cried for him, I felt rage well up from my gut. Many thoughts and feelings have been churning inside me since then.

I’ve always been proud of our country’s peaceful presidential transitions. Even after bruising campaigns, both winners and losers promised to work together for the good of the country.  So I’m sad, as well as embarrassed, that this outgoing President has caused so much strife by screaming that the other side cheated. 

When the President of the United States, even a delusional loser like him speaks, people listen, and he bears a lot of the blame for this debacle at the Capitol. He may eventually be tried for tax evasion and dishonest business dealings but I hope he goes to prison for inciting this riot. 

Daniel Hodges’ cries made me hear younger children in cages at the border who cry for their parents.  I also hear the cries of LGBTQ people who are threatened.  I hear the cries of the homeless who can’t work because of the pandemic. And I see the people who can’t cry because they can’t breathe, and their loved ones who can’t be there to cry for them in their final moments. 

Like many Americans, I’m scared.  Heavily armed soldiers and police will be at the inauguration and if those yahoos show up again like they did last week, a lot more blood will be shed.

Over the last four years, I have tried to reason with my family and friends who are politically conservative. I was one of them once. When I grew to change my views, I thought I could influence their thinking and help them change. On several occasions I defended their honor to people who criticized them. Even now, I remember the good deeds they have done.

However, to those family and friends, as well as the millions of others, I want to say clearly that I’m angry because you put this jackass in the White House.

What exactly were your reasons? Because you don’t like Mexicans crossing the border? Because you hate Muslims? Because you’re scared of “those LGBT perverts” ? Because you thought a loudmouthed huckster who got rich by not keeping his promises would make you a little wealthier?

Or did you vote for him because he was male and taller than his opponent?

You have contributed toward making this world sicker, weaker, and crazier. You’re blaming everyone but yourselves for the riot, the spread of the pandemic, and the collapse of the economy. 

Frankly, even if you do have a change of heart, I don’t know that it will help at this point. The havoc will continue on its crazy way because while the guy you put in the White House got his Twitter account taken away, he remains Commander in Chief of the armed forces and has control of the nuclear launch codes. 

It’s not done yet. Before we are past this, a lot more of our children may be crushed and cry out from the pain you helped cause.

3 thoughts on “Conservatives, This is Your Fault!

  1. You are exactly right David. Very well written! We are all so sad that it has come to this and we cannot be anything but angry also. We do not understand how people we thought were intelligent could believe the huckster that is Donald Trump! At the same time, we are so relieved and hopeful that President Elect Joe Biden will bring some sanity back into our country!

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  2. You’re not wrong, David! I feel your anger and your sorrow about this situation and the people who helped put him there. WTH were they thinking?? My only conclusion is, they weren’t! I do hope that this Trump experiment has pushed the pendulum back far enough for people to realize we cannot have a government as we’ve experienced in the last four years. I hope.

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  3. I am so scared for our new president to be. I don’t think you or I can change these people. I really believe they form an opinion and hunt for “evidence” to support their opinion. I have asked so many to name their source, and they gladly do. They cite a right wing publication or other opinion places and think they have named credible sources. I just want to scream, get an education, but I can’t. I belong to a party (Democratic) who has respect for others. THIS IS NOT TO SAY WE DON’T HAVE A FEW WHO COULD ALSO USE A FEW LESSONS IN MANNERS, etc. I think too many Republicans also can’t back down because of pride even if wrong. Then you have some “nuts”.

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