The UMC Is Up At Bat

The United Methodist Church is ripping itself apart over how they will regard members of the LGBT. Because I was a United Methodist Minister for a long time, I have an interest in the direction they will choose, and so I have repeatedly expressed my views and urged them to be fully inclusive.

Before I say anything else about them I should note that at least the UMC is grappling with the issue. The Southern Baptists aren’t . The Assemblies of God aren’t. The Latter Day Saints aren’t. All the little independent fundamentalist churches aren’t.

They’re still intact with their love-the-sinner-hate-the-sin motto. They’re still taking cold comfort in their righteous indignation. They’re still spreading anxiety with a false notion that a people that make up less than five percent of the population are taking away our rights, corrupting everyone’s morals, and causing God to inflict natural disasters on all of us.

So I appreciate the UMC for struggling over this. Sometimes I complain because it’s taking so long but they’re further along than many other Christian organizations. I would love to see the UMC lead the rest of Christianity in taking a small step forward in showing dignity and respect to an oppressed minority.

They are up at bat while the other churches haven’t even made it to the ball field.

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8 thoughts on “The UMC Is Up At Bat

  1. A former “hate the sin, love the sinner” pastor friend once told me the church would accept LGBT people into the church, but didn’t think they should be allowed to have sex, since it would be sex outside of marriage. He thought it was his clever little loophole. Then marriage equality passed, and I imagine he had to rethink his position or find another clever little loophole.

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  2. A lot of other Christian churches are still not talking about it, but the UMC is not the first. The Episcopalians, the UCC, and others are already fully inclusive.

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    1. e.g. Presbyterian Church (USA) has changed the definition of marriage in their constitution — “Marriage in­volves a unique commitment be­tween two people, traditionally a man and a woman, to love and support each other for the rest of their lives.” Has been a struggle since the 70’s. Very tragic to think of the heartbreak and violence that have accompanied the traditional views, and deeply encouraging to see more and more recognition of these lifelong loves. Thank you, David

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