Chicken in Church (and It’s Not Potluck)

I also offered last week’s posting to a Facebook page for conservative Christians.  To repeat, I was posing the challenge: “Can you describe God without using scripture or imagery?” As with progressive Christians, I received some thoughtful responses but they were almost drowned out by a few angry individuals.

I grew up with Christian conservatives and I was one of them for a long time. I’m still friends with a number of conservative ministers, and while we disagree these days, they’re good folk.

But not these guys. I think they use conservative Christianity as cover for their domineering tendencies.   

My goodness, they were energetic. They criticized, ridiculed, and occasionally threatened me with hellfire. Instead of answering what should have been a basic question for them, they tried to change the conversation, countering with their own challenges.    

“You atheists are so arrogant.  How do YOU think the world was made? Huh? Are YOU smarter than GOD? Do you know more than THE BIBLE? You’re nothing but a HYPOCRITE!  And you’re so ANGRY!”    

I tangled with them more than I meant to, and of course it was a waste of time. However, here is my final response:  

Bwak bwak bwak bwaaak….

I call “chicken.”

They blustered and bloviated because they didn’t have an answer.  And that’s just chicken.

Honestly, if I was still a believing conservative minister, I’d have been embarrassed at how poorly they responded. 

But more than embarrassed, I’m outraged at their bullying behavior. I’m immune to their tactics but not everyone is.  I’ve seen how people like them treat the vulnerable. I’ve seen how they rail at their own congregations. I’ve seen them intimidate the children into believing.  

When I was a pastor, I often comforted those who had been savaged by “ministers” like them. It made me mad then and it makes me mad now.

I see they’re still out there using religion to dominate people.  

I’m still here too. 

And not only do I say they’re chicken. I’m calling foul. 

6 thoughts on “Chicken in Church (and It’s Not Potluck)

  1. Pot(UN)luck/y.
    Yes, it’s really hard to understand the namecalling & trolling online — even if people think they’re doing it just for a lark. I don’t see how you can do that without your soul (or whatever!) being smirched. Makes you wonder what would help.

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