The Church that Wants to Kill People

This weekend, the Revival Baptist Church of Clermont, a town west of Orlando, has been hosting a conference called “Make America Straight Again,” They have invited speakers from all over the nation to come to speak of how evil the LGBT is. They had some video available but Youtube took it down, calling it hate speech.

They say about 300 people have attended, including small children.

Three years ago, fifty people were killed in Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub, a spot where the LGBT met.  Some of the speakers at this conference have said in the past that they thought the shooting was a good thing, and that the people deserved to die. However, one speaker said that they weren’t actually suggesting that someone should go around shooting gay people, but rather the government should officially execute them.

Many conservative Christians are quick to say they are not like this extreme hate group. To them I say, I believe you but let me point out some things:

This little group and many others believe in the same God you do. As I write these words on a Sunday morning, they are meeting in church buildings that look just like yours. They sing the same hymns you sing. They pray for sick people to be healed and for grieving people to be comforted, just like you do.

They also pray that the LGBT be destroyed.  Do you?

I know you don’t.

But they quote the same verses that you do to say that homosexuality is an abomination that warrants death as a punishment.   They say that the Bible is God’s word, just like you do.  They say it should be understood literally like you do, and it should be obeyed completely just like you say.

If you’re different, you need to stand up and speak out.

Don’t just assure the world that you’re not like them. Show that you’re different. Stand up for the LGBT and tell your brothers and sisters at Revival Baptist Church that they should be ashamed of teaching their children to hate and kill people.

Think of a person you know that is LGBT.  Perhaps that person is a family member: a child, a parent, a sibling, a cousin.  That person has a best friend. Someone treasures that person.

The people at the Revival Baptist Church in Clermont want that person  to die.

What are you doing about that?

Here’s a clip of some news coverage:


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