I Won’t Stay Quiet

David, you’re hurting the church.  Why can’t you just be quiet?

I’ve been told all my life to be quiet for the sake of the church. Sure, I can preach, teach, guide, and help. But don’t challenge anyone or ask questions or express doubts because it hurts the church and I’ll go to hell Plus I could lose my job.

How do my words hurt anyone? The church claims to be an instrument of truth. How do people find truth if they are not allowed to ask, seek, and knock? Is the institution really so fragile that it can’t handle my voicing my thoughts?

When I was a young preacher in the churches of Christ, they taught that instrumental music in worship was evil. I thought it was ridiculous but I had to be careful with my words or I could lose my job. Later, I learned to refrain from voicing a dissenting opinion on baptism in the United Methodist church because I wanted to keep my job. For the same reason, I also kept quiet about much bigger issues, including our relationship with the LGBTQIA.

Yet job security was rarely mentioned. Instead, we spoke of how damaged the church could be if we even brought up these subjects. It’s interesting that an institution with the power to affect my life so dramatically could be so fragile.

Now, I’m still being urged to stay quiet. But I’m not going to. Silence makes us sick. It can even kill. I always wanted to be a healer so I’ll continue to speak up.

I’ll try to be respectful and reasonable. Just not quiet.

3 thoughts on “I Won’t Stay Quiet

  1. Ive never, & will Never understand how speaking the Inclusive Word of God, Jesus, & Holy Ghost,’s LOVE could make people feel so threatened. That’s how Jesus ended up on the cross. I’ll NEVER understand. Jesus did say that if he didn’t Speak. The very Rocks would scream out. WOW

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  2. I don’t understand the church’s defensiveness either. I think of the words of the old hymn “I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I’ve committed unto him against that day.” Do they believe that? Or are they afraid that if they entertain another’s point of view, if at least out of love to hear them out, that their own faith will fall apart? Are they that terrified that if they talk to anyone besides their spouse that their marriage will crumble? Where is their faith in God? Is God gonna walk away if they take their fingers out of their ears?


    1. It makes me think of the story of the blind man in John 9 where the real blind people were those who would not acknowledge what they saw.

      Why is the church so very afraid of actual thought?


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